Help shape our direction

we're about to give away our largest grant ever - $60,000!

Each year, the Beehive holds at least two membership meetings. The first in the spring is to select our giving theme for the year. The Beehive Board researches and presents several themes for the membership to choose from to shape our large grant for the year. 

This year, the membership selected Health and Health Care as our giving theme.

The final meeting of the year in December allows those who have paid their pledges in full to vote on our large grant recipient. The Grants Committee will walk through the options, budgets and proposals as well as share details of site visits. On Dec. 6 (Neptune's, 6pm), our members (who have fulfilled their 2017 pledge) will vote to give away $60,000 to a Raleigh nonprofit working on Health and Health Care. Pledged members who have not paid their 2017 pledge can bring a check to the meeting. Read more about becoming a Bee here

Our 2017 small grant of $5,000 has been awarded to Activate Good. The award will go toward the Teen Leadership and Service Program, a week-long summer day camp designed to empower young volunteers.Stay tuned for the exciting announcement of 2017's large grant winner!