Discuss the issues

Every year, the Beehive hosts a panel so that our community can learn about the issues relating to our giving theme. Read our blog to learn more about the conversation.

This year's panel:

  • Elizabeth Alley, AICP
  • Creighton P. Blackwell, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Coastal Federal Credit Union
  • Corey Branch, Raleigh City Council
  • Olive Joyner, Executive Director, Housing for New Hope

Housing & Community Development

Housing is a topic of much discussion as Raleigh continues to grow. Recently, there have been op-eds and rallies devoted to bringing visibility to the loss of affordable housing, particularly in neighborhoods that have historically been accessible for low-income families. The Beehive Collective will make a grant focusing on Housing and Community Development to support a group in Raleigh working to make change in housing policy, to educate and advocate among residents and developers, to keep development local, and to take a proactive approach to our growth. Potential project topics could include, but are not limited to homelessness, affordable housing, safe and healthy housing, or eviction.