We raised over $45,000 at the 10th Annual Bee Ball! Thank you to all of our supporters, sponsors and, especially, our amazing Royalty members. All the money raised goes towards our 2018 large grant giving theme: Food Insecurity.

Music by: 120 Minutes (90s tribute band) and DJ Jenilla Ice

Our 2018 Royalty Court:
Tanya Andrews, Anthony Casaletto, Mike Glover, Kim Hammer, Jai Kumar, Kendra Leonard, Angela Lombardi, Vanessa Lucas, and Nathan Spencer

Thank you to all our incredible sponsors that make this event possible.


What is the Bee Ball?

Photo by: Erin Debnam Takes Pictures

Photo by: Erin Debnam Takes Pictures

The Beehive Collective hosts the annual Bee Ball as our biggest fundraiser. Every year, we pick a giving theme and donate a substantial grant to a Raleigh non-profit. We've given away more than $200,000 since 2008 and we're looking to make this our biggest grant year ever! 


What is the Bee Ball Royalty Court?

Each year we recruit fabulous members of our Raleigh community to competitively raise money in the lead-up to the Bee Ball. They bring in cash right up until the cutoff, just before midnight at the party. Then, we crown the winners! Think of it like a grown-up prom where the tequila is legal and the Kings and Queens are popular because of their philanthropic efforts! Ticket sales and funds raised by the illustrious Bee Ball Royalty Court go towards our grant goal for 2018.