Discuss the issues

Every year, the Beehive hosts a panel so that our community can learn about the issues relating to our giving theme. Watch the Facebook live stream here and learn more about the conversation.

This year's panel:

  • Wake County Commissioner Jessica Holmes

  • Rev. Richard Joyner, Founder of Conetoe Family Life Center

  • Sydney Klein, M.S., Food Security Program Manager, Wake County

  • Kharmika Alston, Food System Finance Fellow, World Food Policy Center, Duke University

  • Dr. Kim Fisher, Director of the Neonatal Perinatal Research Unit, Duke University

Food Insecurity

In a food-rich nation like the United States, no one should go hungry, yet food insecurity is an issue that touches the citizens of Raleigh and Wake County in a number of ways. The communities most impacted by food insecurity are low-income families, children, communities of color, and seniors. Food insecurity is a root cause of so many other issues in our community- from decreased educational outcomes to chronic physical ailments like diabetes and asthma.  With increased uncertainty in national and state funding, we are poised to make a tangible impact on lives in our city by making sure everyone is well-nourished.