Since 2008, the Beehive Collective has given away more than $288,000 to organizations in Raleigh doing amazing things.

We raise funds through membership dues and throwing events throughout the year. In December 2017, our membership gave away its largest grant yet at $60,000. The Large Grant process usually begins in the late summer or early fall. We also award a small $5,000 grant in the early spring.

** The Beehive Collective ensures a fair and transparent review of all grant proposals. See the Grants Committee’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

2019 Large Grant Theme: Environmental Justice

Grant amount: $30,000 Application deadline closed Thursday, September 5th, 2019. 

In order to qualify for a Beehive Collective grant, organizations must:

  • Be a 501(c)3 organization or have a partner fiscal agent*

  • Request funding for a Raleigh-based program that builds community through direct services, advocacy, or public engagement.

  • Directly address an issue related to our 2019 theme of “Environmental Justice” (see Grant Details section).

Recipients of a Beehive Collective large grant in 2016, 2017 or 2018 may not apply during this cycle.

*The Beehive Collective will consider making grants for programs not operated by tax-exempt non-profit organizations. However, such applicants must ask a tax-exempt organization to act as their fiscal agent. If the proposal is funded, the grant will be disbursed to the fiscal agent, who will pass it through to the grantee. The applicant is still responsible for all reporting and agreements. 

If you need help submitting your online application, please email Someone will respond within two business days.

What We Fund

Small Grant:

The small grant in the amount of $5,000 is available in the spring and focuses on Women’s Empowerment and Leadership.

We accept proposals between January 15 and February 15 each year.
Please apply using this form and submit no later than 12 midnight on February 15th. 

Large Grant:

Early each year, the Beehive Collective membership chooses a theme for the large grant. The large grant request for proposals (RFP) is issued in the summer and funds are awarded in December.  The large grant amount is based on how much money we raise from members and fundraising events.

The Beehive Collective focuses grant making on organizations that:

  • Demonstrate work being done in Raleigh.

  • Propose innovative, program-related work.

  • Offer leadership opportunities for women, girls and woman-identified people.

  • Offer opportunities for underserved populations.

What We Do Not Fund

The Beehive Collective usually does not award grants to organizations that:

  • Cannot demonstrate working directly in Raleigh.

  • Cannot demonstrate a need (we are a small grant maker, we like to see that our funds will have a large effect).

  • Cannot show long-lasting effects from using Beehive funds.

  • Seek capital funds (purchasing land or buildings).

  • Propose to use Beehive funds for fundraising.

Beehive Core Values

Diversity & Equal Opportunity: The Beehive Collective is an equal opportunity group that embraces diversity and does not discriminate based on race, age, sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, level of income or education, disability, or immigration status.

Community Stewardship: The Beehive Collective seeks to build a more just and sustainable community in Raleigh by connecting people to each other and to our city, promoting civic engagement and investment in local non-profits, and patronizing locally-owned and sustainable businesses.

Leadership: The Beehive Collective works to break down barriers to leadership among young people in Raleigh, especially young women.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the small grant RFP become available?

The small grant RFP is usually available around February of each year.

What is the reviewing process and timeline for the small grant?

The grants committee begins reading and reviewing small grant proposals around March, and will choose three to five finalists. The finalists’ proposals will be available for the Beehive membership to read and vote on in late March/early April, and the winner is announced at an April event.

Why is the focus of the small grant “Women’s Empowerment?” I want to apply for a small grant, but my organization is not focused on this area.

Leadership and empowerment opportunities for girls, women and woman-identified people are central to the Beehive Collective’s mission. Your proposal needs to demonstrate that your project is focused on Women’s Empowerment, even if your organization is not.

When will the large grant RFP become available?

The large grant RFP is usually available in August each year.

What is the reviewing process and timeline for the large grant?

The grants committee begins reading and reviewing the large grants in September and will choose organizations that will receive a site visit. Site visits are conducted throughout the month of October. After that, the grants committee then chooses three to five finalists at our November meeting. The grants committee presents the finalists’ proposals to the Beehive membership in December, and they select the large grant winner. The timeline is not exact each year, but generally works out this way.

Will my organization be notified if we are selected for a site visit or chosen as a finalist or not?

We notify organizations at each step of the process about the status of their proposal.