Meet our 2019 Beehive board:

Anna Bryant*, Katy Dunne, LaPonda Edmondson, Jennifer Fuller, Kristy Breneman, Tatyana Kelly, Kyle Munn, McLean D. Pollock, Jennifer Spencer, Whitney Stanley, Kate Brandon Sutton*, Tracy Dixon and Sara King Tomberlin (*Board Co-chairs)

Get Involved

One of the best parts about being a Bee is that you can give as much time as you choose.
A great way to help is to join one of our committees. This is where the work of the Beehive is done and we'd love to have you participate in any way you'd like.

Drop us an email and let us know if you'd like to get involved or learn more!

Board of directors:

The Beehive Collective is run by a working, volunteer board of directors. There are as many as to 15 members who donate their time, talent and treasure to serve two- to five-year terms. Board co-chairs lead for two-year terms and are appointed from current members. We’re currently accepting applications for 2020. The deadline to apply is October 31st, 2019. Click here to apply.


Branding/Marketing Committee:

This committee is responsible for keeping our membership connected to each other and creating a cohesive message across our emails, Facebook page and other channels. They're responsible for engaging current members and keeping them informed about the Bees. We're shifting how we think and communicate with the community about philanthropy and this committee will shape that message.  |  2019 Co-Chairs: Sara King Tomberlin and Kate Minnis

Grants Committee:

This committee is in charge of developing our general values and specific criteria for grant making. That includes designing a grant making process and then soliciting proposals from local organizations and groups. The Grants Committee reviews all proposals the Beehive receives and presents finalist applications to the full membership for a vote. In short: administer and give away money! If you like money, nonprofits and reading, this might be the committee for you.  |  2019 Co-Chairs: Margaret Griffin and Claudia Lee

Bee Ball Committee:

The Bee Ball Committee is open to those who want to think big about how the Beehive Collective should raise money as well as people who just want to help with a specific event during the year. You can get involved on an ad hoc basis or stay involved throughout the year. This committee is really the FUN committee. We coordinate the BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR and help bring in the money we give away. If you like event coordination, have cool connections in the area, and/or are creative and organized, this could be your committee.  |  2019 Co-Chairs: Tatyana Kelly and Kristy Grey

Women's Leadership Committee:

This committee takes an active, year-round role in promoting the Beehive's mission of inspiring new women leaders. This committee is currently piloting the Kick Ass Dinner Series, as well as exploring ways to identify and encourage women leaders from all communities, cultures, and backgrounds.  |  2019 Co-Chairs: McLean Pollock and Leia Droll