Meet the Bees: Mary Alice Holley

The Beehive Collective 2015 Board of Directors are working hard to continue our mission to pollinate community giving in Raleigh. You may have met these ladies at one of our many events throughout the year, and now, we’re giving you a closer look. Find out why they became a Bee, and why they are dedicated to making Raleigh a better place. Meet the Bees!

Introducing Mary Alice Holley, member of the Communications Committee and board member since 2015.


Tell us about yourself!
I’m from Chattanooga, TN and I graduated from UT Chattanooga. I currently work as the Content and Media Relations Manager atBC/DC Ideas.

What made you want to join The Beehive Collective? What is your favorite part about being a Bee?
I moved to Raleigh in 2013 and knew maybe three people when I got here. I was looking for a way to meet other young professionals who were active in the community and having a great time doing it. I was introduced to the Bees through the first Kick Ass Ladies Club event and absolutely knew these were my people. When I found out they needed volunteers for the Communications Committee, it was a double bonus! My favorite part about being a Bee is always meeting new people and connecting over our passion for nonprofits and making Raleigh an amazing place to be.

Why is The Beehive Collective important to you? To community giving in Raleigh?
The Beehive Collective establishes a sense of community among young female professionals who are passionate about serving Raleigh in a unique way while having a lot of fun doing it. I work with nonprofits every day but being able to share my passion with a larger group is always exciting. The Beehive Collective is important to community giving because we’ve found a way to engage young people in volunteering and contributing to worthy causes. Getting involved in your own community is so important and joining the Beehive is a great way to see where you fit.

What inspires you about being a part of a giving circle?
By being part of a giving circle, I know my contribution is going to be put to work in a great way. This is my second year and we’ve already distributed three grants to some amazing community projects. It’s exciting to see firsthand where my contribution is going and the accomplishments of the organizations we support.

Which grant recipient or project have you been most proud of?
I am so proud of the work El Pueblo has accomplished with their grassroots peer education program providing comprehensive reproductive health workshops to teenage Latino girls and boys. Often, teens have issues with misinformation and lack of access to reproductive health needs. The need for programs like this one are significant, and I’m glad the membership agrees!

Why should others consider joining The Beehive Collective?
If you are interested in supporting great community organizations, if you want to meet passionate like-minded people working to transform Raleigh, and if you want to have a great time at one of our many events throughout the year, then we want to welcome you to the Bee family!

Why do you think the Bee Ball is the best party in Raleigh?
Why isn’t the Bee Ball the best party in Raleigh? I get to get all dressed up! Anyone who knows me knows I love a good party and I REALLY love an excuse to get dressed up and dance. I’m already counting the days until I get to join my fellow bees and belt out some 90’s classics. #BSB4Ever

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