Our 2014 Large Grant Recipient is…

The Beehive Collective is proud of funding another great year of community giving in Raleigh.  We are delighted to announce the recipient of this year’s large grant awarded for Innovation in Education: Supporting our Educators is Walnut Creek Elementary School!

With the $25,000 grant, we are supporting Walnut Creek Elementary teachers by giving them the tools needed to work to improve students’ reading abilities to grade level and above. Walnut Creek will invest in professional development for teachers, a “leveled” library for all grades and new books for each classroom.

“Walnut Creek has an amazing and dedicated staff working in one of the most challenging environments in Raleigh,” said Tappan Vickery, chair of the Beehive Collective grants committee. “The teachers had a simple request—books that meet Wake County’s required curriculum to teach their students to read at grade level. With nearly 800 Raleigh children attending Walnut Creek, there is no question that the Beehive funds will not only support teachers, but also benefit our community as a whole as we provide building blocks for literacy.”

Your pledges, donations, and attendance at this year’s fabulous events all culminated in reaching our goal for the Beehive’s 2014 large grant giving cycle. With your support and participation, we are able to continue to fund projects at local organizations working to make Raleigh a better place.

The Bees are excited to see how this grant will help the teachers and students at Walnut Creek Elementary in the next year. We will keep you updated on their progress!

Thank you to everyone who voted and attended the latest membership meeting at Neptunes. We had great applicants and congratulate them on all the work they do to support our students and teachers.

We’re looking forward to another successful year of fundraising, grantmaking and fun events with you in 2015!

Make sure you are part of this year’s fun and giving back to our community. Click here to make your pledge to The Beehive Collective in 2015.