2018 LARGE GRANT THEME: Food Insecurity

At the beginning of the year, the Beehive holds an open meeting to democratically select the annual large grant giving theme. Through this process we are able to be responsive to the current needs of our community, truly providing community sourced giving to Raleigh.

The selected theme for 2018 is Food Insecurity, as defined through the following:

In a food-rich nation like the United States, no one should go hungry, yet food insecurity is an issue that touches the citizens of Raleigh and Wake County in a number of ways. The communities most impacted by food insecurity are low-income families, children, communities of color, and seniors. Food insecurity is a root cause of so many other issues in our community- from decreased educational outcomes to chronic physical ailments like diabetes and asthma.  With increased uncertainty in national and state funding, we are poised to make a tangible impact on lives in our city by making sure everyone is well-nourished.

Projects could focus on providing funding to programs that are working to provide easy access to fresh and healthy foods in food deserts, that provide food access to youth at schools, or keep basic programs afloat (like food pantries, community outreach, and/or advocacy).

The Beehive Collective is particularly interested in projects that look at fixing the food insecurity problem through an intersectional lens (i.e. projects that address how and why various communities are impacted differently or more significantly).

How much money will the 2018 large grant be? Well, that depends on your support! Come to our fundraising events or become a member today!