Our 2018 large grant has been awarded to Meals on Wheels Wake County to fund a pilot program providing emergency meal assistance to seniors leaving a Raleigh hospital.

Meals on Wheels (MOW) provides warm nutritious meals to seniors and disabled persons in our community who have challenges leaving their home. MOW Wake County has served homebound elderly and persons with disabilities for over 40 years and have delivered over 9 million meals to date.

Meals on Wheels will use Beehive funding to fund a pilot program which will provide meal assistance to seniors leaving a hospital or rehabilitation facility for 10 days after discharge. By tracking the progress of the participants, MOW will be able to gather the data needed to determine if their emergency meal program made a positive difference in their post-discharge recovery and prevented a hospital readmission. Not only will the program participants receive meals so they can focus on recuperating, but they will also have daily contact with a volunteer who can alert a case manager if the participant has other critical need that would jeopardize their recovery.

MOW will work with Raleigh healthcare facilities to identify and connect with program participants. If the outcomes are successful, the data generated from this pilot program will go to support program expansion and possible private partner funding. The Beehive is very excited to support this innovative program that has the potential to be implemented nationwide.

Large Grant Theme: Food Insecurity

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