2017 Large Grant Theme: Health and Health Care

Every spring the Beehive holds an open meeting to democratically select the annual large grant giving theme. Through this process we are able to be responsive to the current needs of our community, truly providing community sourced giving to Raleigh.

The selected theme for 2017 is Health and Health Care, as defined through the following:

Every person, regardless of where they live, how much money they make, or whether or not they have health insurance, should have access to basic health care. Communities of low income, with mental health challenges, and of color have historically faced systemic barriers in accessing quality healthcare for themselves and their families.

With the Affordable Care Act under attack, NC health initiatives already underfunded, and the uncertainty of programs like Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, vulnerable populations will be at continued and increased risk. North Carolina is in a particularly interesting but unpredictable political situation as a non-expansion state.

Projects could focus on providing funding to keep basic programs afloat (perhaps related to community outreach/knowledge, and/or advocacy), or focus around specialized projects that could get lost in the shuffle as advocates hone in on saving the most basic programs (i.e. programs around maternal or family health awareness, nutrition, teen health/decision making, etc.).

The Beehive Collective is particularly interested in projects that provide or work toward a more fair, equitable, and just healthcare system by examining and addressing health care systems/issues through an intersectional lens (i.e. projects that address how and why various communities are impacted differently or more significantly.)

Remarkably, within 12 hours of selecting this theme President Trump presented the first attempt at a new health care plan, causing a flurry of concerns regarding health care coverage and treatments for most Americans, including our community in Raleigh.

Health care changes are certain in the coming years, and while the details of the changes remain unknown, we are very excited to support a local nonprofit that demonstrates a direct impact in Raleigh within the definition of this theme.

How much money will the 2017 large grant be? Well, that depends on your support! Come to our fundraising events or become a member today!