Meet the Bees: Katy Dunne

The Beehive Collective 2015 Board of Directors are working hard to continue our mission to pollinate community giving in Raleigh. You may have met these ladies at one of our many events throughout the year, and now, we’re giving you a closer look. Find out why they became a Bee and why they are dedicated to making Raleigh a better place. Meet the Bees!

Next up is the lovely Katy Dunne, who serves as our Fundraising Committee Co-Chair.

Name: Katy Dunne
Occupation: Sales Engineer at ChannelAdvisor
Background: Class of ‘99 in Durham, college in Chapel Hill, proud Raleighite since 2008

What made you want to join The Beehive Collective? What is your favorite part about being a Bee?
I learned about The Beehive Collective through some friends from high school who are members and spent a few years attending Bee Balls and supporting from afar. Finally I realized that I was a true Raleigh resident and it was my job to help make my city a better place.

My favorite part about being a Bee is meeting all the amazing people who are doing lots of good things in Raleigh. There are so many inspirational women (and men) who work in nonprofits or build amazing businesses or incite political change, and I get to call them my friends and fellow Bees.

Why is The Beehive Collective important to you? To community giving in Raleigh?
In a nutshell, The Beehive allows me to have a career I love and still sleep at night feeling like a good citizen. What I  mean is, having a corporate job, I spent some years struggling with the idea that I wasn’t giving back enough. Being part of The Beehive allows me to find deeper meaning through philanthropy and engaging with my community. We’re all a part of where we live, and I believe we’re obligated to be good neighbors. The Beehive makes me a better, more involved neighbor.

What inspires you about being a part of a giving circle?
The coolest thing about a giving circle is that we can give grants to different organizations every year. We’re not tied down to one mission or one goal; we can be a part of so many good things going on in Raleigh, and we can adapt to what needs we see around us. We are constantly inspired by the phenomenal organizations around us who are doing great work every day.

Which grant recipient or project have you been most proud of?
It’s almost impossible to pick just one, but I think I’m most proud of the grants we’ve given that are directed at improving the lives of women and girls. Our small grants are specifically targeted toward this, and our 2013 large grant to El Pueblo’s program to provide reproductive health information to Latino youth really struck a nerve with me. It just filled so many gaps around women’s health, youth and sexuality, and educating a subset of our community that is too often overlooked.

Why should others consider joining The Beehive Collective?
Everyone talks about philanthropy and giving back (as I have so far), but truly, join The Beehive because it’s fun! I’ve made so many close friends through this organization, and we really throw the best events. The Bee Ball, the Stewart Cookout, Kick Ass Ladies’ Club – they’re my favorite days of the year!

What’s your craziest Bee Ball memory?
Honestly, I don’t think I can even share my best Bee Ball memories in a public forum. THAT’S how good of a party it is. I will say this: tequila shots.

Join Katy and become a Bee! Clicking here to make your 2015 pledge today!