Meet the Bees: Sarah Ferguson

The Beehive Collective 2015 Board of Directors are working hard to continue our mission to pollinate community giving in Raleigh. You may have met these ladies at one of our many events throughout the year, and now, we’re giving you a closer look. Find out why they became a Bee and why they are dedicated to making Raleigh a better place. Meet the Bees!

Next up is Sarah Ferguson, one of our lovely Co-Chairs on the Membership Committee and board member.

What made you want to join The Beehive Collective? What is your favorite part about being a Bee?
I got initiated into the Cult of Beehive when I attended my first Bee Ball in 2010. The Bee Ball has been the highlight of my year ever since, including the year I won Bee Ball Queen, and the year I got engaged on the night of the Bee Ball.  Becoming a dues-paying member seemed like the honest thing to do, what with all the almost-free fun I was getting to take part in.

Why is The Beehive Collective important to you? To community giving in Raleigh?
For me, the Beehive Collective’s model of giving creates a direct link between philanthropy and activism. I know where my money is going, I know that only a tiny percentage goes towards organizational expenses, and I get to make an informed choice with fellow members about what causes and project to fund. The Beehive Collective provides a means of engaged philanthropy that is hard to find elsewhere.

What inspires you about being a part of a giving circle?
The other members of the Beehive are my inspiration. I have met dozens of intelligent, engaged, critical, and caring women through this organization. The collective wealth of knowledge, connections, dedication and support among the Beehive continually amazes me.

Which grant recipient or project have you been most proud of?
I think that all the grants we have awarded have gone to incredible projects. I am most proud, actually, of the breadth of applications we receive for each grant, and the quality of the organizations we attract. I am proud of how incredibly hard it is to pick just one recipient for each grant we provide!

Why should others consider joining The Beehive Collective?
Beehive membership has perks, such as notoriety. We DO throw the best party of the year…
I think the best thing about Beehive membership is that you can be as involved (or not) as you like. If you want to dive in and co-chair a committee, you can do that. If you want to pay your pledge and be left alone, that’s fine too. If you want to switch back and forth every year, cheers to you! Our motto, “Philanthropy within everyone’s reach,” applies to your donations of time & effort, as well as money.

Why do you think the Bee Ball is the best party in Raleigh?
Climbing the walls in the graffitied back hallway of the Berkeley Cafe, cramming as many people into one photo as possible. I mean LITERALLY climbing the walls. “Hallway photos” became a tradition for three years running. I look forward to finding a confined space somewhere in Southland Ballroom to take up the practice again.

Join Sarah and become a Bee! Clicking here to make your 2015 pledge today!